Information for Medical Students

What is a Ryan Program?

A Ryan Program is an ob-gyn residency program that has received support to integrate abortion and contraception into resident training through the implementation of a formal, required family planning rotation. Ryan Programs also expand family planning services such as complex contraceptive services, miscarriage management options, or abortion services in the teaching hospital and create strong connections with independent abortion clinics in the community. Over 100 departments of ob-gyn throughout the US are Ryan Programs.

What can residents in a department with a Ryan Program expect?

While each Ryan Program has integrated training in abortion and contraception using a variety of models and settings, residents at a Ryan Program can expect:

  • A formal, required clinical curriculum in abortion and contraception. Residents with religious or moral objections can partially participate to their own comfort level. 
    • What does “partially participate” mean? 
      • Training in elective pregnancy termination is an expected and scheduled part of residency education. Residents with religious or moral objections can “opt-out” of participating in pregnancy termination, in accordance with the ACGME guidelines. This is referred to as “partial participation.” Residents who partially participate are required to participate in the rotation to their comfort level and perform all aspects of family planning clinical care outside of pregnancy termination, including contraception counseling, pre/post abortion care and management of pregnancy failure. 
  • Comprehensive training in outpatient first trimester medical and aspiration abortion, with the opportunity to learn D&E procedures.
  • Extensive training in all methods of contraception including long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) insertion.
  • Extensive training in managing the contraceptive needs of patients with complex medical histories.
  • Complete exposure to pregnancy options counseling, procedure counseling and early gestational ultrasound training.


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